Friday, December 6, 2013

Coffee Talk With Jesus: Book Review

You could very well call me a "devotional junkie!"  LOVE THEM!  Can't get enough of them!!!! 

I am just a firm believer in using good devotionals of all styles to usher me into my morning time with the Lord!

SO,  when I saw Barbie Hernandez Swihart  31 Days Of Coffee Talk With Jesus in October of 2012, I thought to myself, 'that would be a good devotional!'  NOW, a year later,  HERE IT IS! 
Coffee Talk With Jesus: Intimate Chats With The SaviorI  am so ELATED to be a part of this Coffee Talk With Jesus Book Launch!  If you have followed Barbie's blog @ My Freshly Brewed Life; you will quickly pick up that this woman loves her God, is a servant in the highest form,  a devoted wife through the thick & thin, and adores her children, and is a gifted writer & artist, and has a heart for women to experience an intimate relationship with God!

We can perceive that the trials of life that Barbie has gone through has given her a firm foundation of seeking the Lord herself.  Now, it has given her this dynamic platform to help others. I am sure she feels the words, "NO WOMAN LEFT BEHIND!" 

It seems to me that the heartbeat of God is for freeing women of the lies and misconceptions we have about Him and about ourselves.  These 31 days address areas of our very soul that we can go back and grab for ourselves and for someone else.  I already know this is a devotional I will continue to use for encouragement, soul searching and comfort; things I need MEGA DOSES of!

Barbie uses the style/method of  "Listening Prayer", a practice of personal conversation with the Lord, which DRAWS you in to a beautiful encounter.  First of all, she/God invites us to COME!  That is a neverending struggle for many, just to get there!  The drawing IS FROM GOD!  For (to draw) is to cause to move toward a force; steadily and gradually.  Barbie gives reflective questions which prod you to DIG DEEPER, so often a place we don't want to go!   But God's Word says, in Psalm 51:6  "Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts; and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom."

Coffee Talk With Jesus is available on Amazon in softbook and on Kindle.

AND A BONUS OR SHOULD WE SAY TREAT is that Barbie inserts these wonderful recipes which all have the common ingredient of COFFEE!  How great is that?

Barbie personally is very dear to me, as she is the reason (through God) that I am blogging today!  The first of this year, the Lord put me on her heart, only knowing me from the internet & initially me commenting on her blog.  She reached out to me and  LITERALLY   SET ME UP with this very blog place, and made one of my hearts desires come to pass.  She made a trip from Fremont, Calif to Stockton, Calif. to give me "HANDS ON HELP!"   She gives of herself undonditionally!  I consider her a mentor and a friend.  I am so proud to know her in the way that I do!