Monday, February 18, 2013

My One Word: Improvement

So many times I have suffered great consequences because of making unwise decisions and being a poor steward over the resources God has blessed me with.  In the area of finances, I need improvement!  When I follow God's guidelines of tithes, blessing the man of God, my church ministry and being responsible to pay my bills timely, to budget what I am given and to only spend what I can afford, I do well.  But it's in those times of testing that I find that I have tendencies to overspend, borrow that which will be hard to pay back.  You see, I need improvement!

     {Improvement:  To bring into a more desirable or excellent condition, a change by which a thing is improved, developed, corrected, or made better.}

Anything I put in to bettering myself will improve my life forever!  No one can improve yourself better than you can!

Exercising and eating right will prolong my life and keep my body functioning properly as it was designed to do.  Having Diabetes makes this area a great challenge. Even though I have chosen the right path now, I need much improvement in this area!  It's not about a diet, or any essential plan, but a goal of living a healthy lifestyle.

In Sept 2012 I came across "The Fly Lady!"  I have battled with clutter for years now.  In this program, what she teaches by example has been doable for me and I have made tremendous strides.  I still need improvement, because in only a day or week, I can easily go back to my old tendencies of cluttering and piling.  I am part of an accountability group through the site that encourages and motivates me by their striving to keep order in their homes.

This has been the key for me, being a part of groups that I am accountable to in the areas I need help in.  Telling one person or group increases your likelihood of sticking to your plan and goals. 

I found "Hiding His Word", where I have been challenged to memorize Ps. 71 in 14 weeks.  This has been amazing to me, to see myself at age 62 able to memorize!  This beautiful discipline has already improved my mind, as well as my heart.  I am so looking forward to adding other passages to my list.  

Another group I have joined is "Hello Mornings".  This challenges me to want to get up early to spend time with the Lord more than any other thing I do!  They have a beautiful Bible Study offered.  The Word is so rich & enlightening.

All of these accountability groups help me to improve in all of these areas.  A great key to anyone would be to spend time with friends who improve you.  Ones who will make you be accountable and help you to uncover the obstacles that hold you back from your goals.  Ones that will tell you the truth, which sometimes hurts.  Improvement is not something someone hands to you; you pay a price for it.  And I am finding,  IT IS SO WORTH IT! 

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